Carry On Murdering Noddy

A study of the relationship between word and image, constructed by re-binding selected pages from three existing books sourced from a charity shop: ‘Carry On Uncensored’, ‘Infamous Murders’ and ‘Enid Blyton’s Noddy’.

The words from one text are placed onto the image from another, the reverse of the page creating the link to the next text. The overprint both censors and highlights content; the partial coverage over a child’s scribbles or greasy fingerprints recalling past ownership.

“Tap my head, and it goes nid-nod!

“Rolling-pin-waving and nagging wife.”

Close-up of overprint.

“Are you sure you want to put all that in there!”

“‘Hurrah!’ shouts everyone. ‘Hip-hip-hurrah!'”

“Indulging his very unhealthy habit.”