SCREAM if you want to go faster

SCREAM is a candid look at the workers who arrive in Pinner every spring for Middlesex’s last remaining street fair; Pinner Fair, founded in 1336. For local residents this burst of colour, noise and activity is a novelty, but for the workers it’s just another day at the office.

With the fair’s visitors notably absent from this collection of images, stifled yawns and crossed arms draw us into the humdrum of the fair, suggesting that perhaps it’s not just our children who are screaming that they want to go faster.

“A Place With Taste”

“For All Ages”

“To the Land of Gold”

“Mix It Up”

“Please Remove Your Shoes”

“Feel the Bass”

“Popcorn Flumps Flying Saucers”



Walk Don’t Run



Lost in Glass