Through the Keyhole

Letterpress front cover with glassine outer wraps.

“When I was a child there was a little porcelain casket on my mother’s dressing table.”

Replica photographs and open casket inside envelope.

“When I look at it I remember my mother and I’m sure she’d be pleased that I’m going to give it to my daughter one day.”

“This gold, onyx and pearl set was the last gift that my mother, or Amma as I called her, gave to me before she passed away from cancer at the age of 44 in 1956.”

“If ever I needed reassurance of her unconditional love, this was it.”

Fold-out on handmade paper.

“The first thing I do in my kitchen each morning is to adjust the mechanical calendar that sits on the worktop next to the kettle.”

“Even now, some fifty years later, it still seems magical.”

“It provides a daily reminder of the love and affection I had for my grandmother.”

“I have a clock which used to belong to my grandfather. A magnificent piece.”

Letterpress on cartridge paper.